Take your business from invisible to unstoppable.

Major Impact is a marketing and web design agency with an uncommonly effective approach to helping local service businesses increase traffic, leads, and sales.

We have driven over 200k leads to local businesses.
Could it work for you, too?

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Who Are We?

Introducing The Major Impact System

Elliott has run marketing and design teams, user experience and technology departments, and was President & Chief Operating Officer of a successful ecommerce company.

After 25 years of growing internet businesses, generating over 200k local business leads, and leading over $100 million in web sales — he wants to help your small business, church, or side project land more traffic, leads, and sales.

The Major Impact System is an uncommonly effective solution to a serious local business problem.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Elliott Kosmicki, Founder & President

Elliott Kosmicki
Founder & President

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Elliott Kosmicki
Founder & President


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What is The Major Impact System?

Better rankings, more traffic, more leads.

If your small business needs to grow sales, you might be throwing money out the window trying every marketing tactic that hits your inbox.

Yes, Major Impact can do business and marketing consulting, social media management, and build a full high-converting ecommerce website, but our core offer is simple: 

We’ll get your business more traffic and leads so that you can get more sales.

100% Guarantee

Within 30 days, if you're not satisfied with what we're doing, we'll refund the amount you paid for the service, and we can walk away friends.*

A High-Converting Website

If you need a better website, we will build you a 1-3 page website that's extraordinarily fast and always secure.

Google Business Profile Management

We optimize your Google Business Profile, create on-brand posts weekly, and respond to 4&5-star reviews and Q&A for you.

Google Review Tools

Customers using our tools average 4.8 stars on Google, attracting 150% more leads and customers.

Business Listing Management

We get your business listed in major directories and make sure the data, including business hours, is up-to-date and in-sync.

Personalized Service

We get to know you, your business, and your goals to deliver extraordinary service.

* 100% Guarantee applies to qualified businesses with subscription fees paid for the Major Impact System. If you’re not satisfied with our progress within 30 days, no matter what contract or terms you’re on, just let us know, and we’ll refund the money you paid for the system so you can return to your previous rankings. We can walk away as friends! If we built your website as part of the system, you can keep it live on one of our website care plans.

Major Results

Results from
The Major Impact System

With this system, hundreds of businesses have experienced major changes in their Google visibility, an average of 150% increase in leads, and an average of 4.8-star Google reviews.

The red, green, and yellow circles below represent the keyword ranking at that specific location on the map. You’ll notice the client’s ranking significantly increases as you move farther from their address over time.

Business: Italian Restaurant



This restaurant only ranked in a small area around it’s location.

Italian - pasta - before

3 Months Later

It’s already starting to rank in a much wider geographic area.

Italian - pasta - 3 months later

Business: Spa

"hot stone massage"


This spa ranked right around its location but nowhere else.

Spa - hot stone massage - before

4 Months Later

It’s #1-3 rankings continue to grow in the entire area.

Spa - hot stone massage - 4 months

Business: Salon

"hair extensions"


The salon couldn’t get a top 3 listing even around it’s own address.

1 Month Later

The business has #1 rankings across a wide service area.

Salon - hair extensions - 1 month

Business: Contractor

"water damage repair"


The business couldn’t break the top-3 for this critical, high-value keyword.

Contractor - water damage repair - before

1 Month Later

The business is number 1 for it’s main keyword across it’s coverage area.

Contractor - water damage repair - 1 month

Business: Golf Simulator

"golf simulator"


The newer business couldn’t be found anywhere in Google Maps.

Golf Simulator - before

2 Months Later

The business is ranking in the top 3 in it’s town, and climbing the rankings all over neighboring areas.

Golf Simulator - 2 months

Awesome people, awesome results.

Real comments from businesses like yours that have worked with Elliott over the last 20 years.

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The Major Impact System Pricing

It’s uncommon for an agency to offer straightforward pricing and deliverables, so that’s what we do. There won’t be any surprises when we discuss what services make the most sense for you.

System Essentials

Powerful custom AI-driven Google Profile optimization and content.

Starting at


System Pro

Managed services by our staff of highly trained Google Business Profile experts.

Starting at


Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of the most common questions here. But don’t let yours go unanswered – reach out anytime!

Will this work for my business?

Our core system works best for local service businesses who have an address & an existing Google Business Profile.

If you request your free personalized Impact Report, we can give you a better idea of whether we can recommend the service for you.